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Here are a few Endorsements that I feel blessed and so humbled to have received upon announcing my campaign. Thank you!

List of Endorsements

Thank you to the hundreds of current and former colleagues, friends, family, fellow Republicans, those who are affiliated with other political parties, and other VIPs who have reached out to support my campaign. Your positive energy and prayers are what keep the fire inside my soul lit, along with all of Arizona's children and educators. Thank you so much! Here are just a few of the endorsements, recommendations, and messages received. You all mean the world to me...thank you!!

Dr. Craig C.

Educational Leader, Phoenix, AZ

“Michael’s leadership is dynamic, sharp and definite in his vision; he is thoughtful and analytical in his approach to complex problems. Michael has spine; I have observed Michael’s tenacity to take on an unpopular position when it is in the best interest of the child and school community. I would even say that Michael is relentless in his efforts to meet the needs of children.”

Chelsea W., MBA

Educator- Litchfield Park, AZ

"Dr. T. is someone who is truly for our students. Not only did he help create the teacher I am today, but he invested in me. Dr. T helped me land the job I had and loved. He would be a great candidate for superintendent and I hope you will sign the petition alongside me!"

Jolee S., M.Ed.

Special Education Teacher, Holbrook, AZ

"I normally try to stay clear of politics, but I have to share this post to help Dr. T. earn a spot on the ballot for Republican candidate AZ Superintendent of Public [Instruction]! Dr. T was one of my professors during my undergrad at GCU. He not only taught me what it meant and how to be a teacher, but showed me what it meant to truly care about education. He would truly make a difference, for the better, in the public school system."

Bryan S.

National Business Owner- Queen Creek, AZ

"I first met Mike in the corporate world in 1993 after relocating to Phoenix. Mike started his collegiate education while working full-time. What impressed me the most was how dedicated he was to work, education, playing sports, and being a stage musician, all at the same time. How he found the time and energy for all of it is beyond me. During the subsequent years, I watched Mike finish his Bachelor's degree, complete his Masters, and earn his Doctorate Degree, all while raising a son, leading a school, coaching baseball, and performing in a band. If I learned anything about Mike, it was his dedication and commitment to excellence. There is no doubt that he will bring this same level of excellence and dedication to the Arizona Department of Education. Given the fact that my wife is a dedicated public school teacher, it will be without reservation that Dr. Trevillion will have my vote at the primary and general elections."

Jason K., M.Ed.

Educator, Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Trevillion is an advocate for all children, especially Special Education students.  He is humble and always presents himself as an equal.  He respects everyone’s right to opinion and finds common ground even with people who disagree with him or his answers. I have nothing but the highest respect and regard for the person, leader, scholar, mentor and educator that Dr. Trevillion is.” 

Michelle, S., M.Ed.


“Dr. Trevillion is hard working, a team player, and leads with the highest professionalism. I believe his candidacy merits serious consideration. His potential to become an outstanding leader at any level is unlimited. I recommend him without reservation.”

Stefanie M.E., M.Ed., NBC

High School Teacher, Peoria, AZ

"I have had the distinguished honor of working under the leadership of Dr. Michael Trevillion. I have witnessed his common-sense, servant leadership. I have watched him gracefully lead under pressure and overcome adversity. I have seen his heart for retaining teachers and supporting professionals just beginning their careers. This particular office needs a leader with experience and understanding of the inner workings of a classroom. Dr. Trevillion has the experience, from kindergarten through University level, he knows what the boots on the ground trench through. I believe so much that he is what is good for teaching and learning in the state of Arizona, that I am willing to break my own [social media] rule of no politics to encourage you to sign his candidacy petition."

Rhonda W., M.Ed.

Educational Leader, Phoenix, AZ

"It is without reservation that I write a recommendation for Dr. Michael Trevillion…I had the privilege of working closely with him at our school. I also benefited from his expertise as I did my Principal Internship with him. He [Dr. Trevillion] is a master at building rapport and trust. He recognizes that hard work is required to gain influence, earning the right to become a leader. Dr. Trevillion is a leader that maximizes every asset and resource. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Trevillion as a superior educator, administrator and mentor. He continually demonstrates a high level of expertise in his field and has an affinity for building superb relationships with colleagues.”

If you would like to ENDORSE Dr. Trevillion, please send an e-mail to  Thank you!