My name is Dr. Michael Trevillion and I am so humbled and honored to be campaigning for the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction-2022 primary election.  I am an Arizona native and a proud product of our Arizona public school system.  Go WESD, GUHSD, and Greenway H.S.!!  Nearly 25 years ago I was called to a career serving and advocating for Arizona’s children, families, teachers, and adult learners.  Imagine that...a conservative Republican educator!!  In all seriousness, this is the critical duality that our Education department and state so desperately needs in a leader if we are ever going to solve our Arizona education system's crises.  More on that later! 


I have an amazing family beginning with my wife, Elizabeth, an extraordinary special education-autism public school teacher who relocated to Phoenix from Chicago. We love our church and Verrado community, and we volunteer at our church every weekend. My son Patrick is a junior in college and is a student-athlete at University of Valley Forge, a Christian university outside of Philadelphia, PA.  Patrick, like his father and grandfather, is a product of our Arizona public school system and attended Alhambra School District for Kindergarten and Litchfield Elementary School District through 8th grade.  Proudly, he is a graduate of Agua Fria High School.  Go ASD, LESD, and AFUHSD!!  My other child is Wrigley, a rapidly growing Labradoodle puppy who owns her parents' hearts. 


Although I have served in several PK-8 school districts, a private Christian high school, and two of our Arizona Universities, I am extremely blessed to currently be part of the leadership team at Fowler Elementary School District in southwest Phoenix. Every role I’ve been so fortunate to be appointed to I have passionately served to the best of my abilities and with all of my heart and soul. I have experienced incredible successes and I have experienced many failures, which led to lessons learned and growth. At times in my career it has felt like a street brawl when standing up for the rights and efficacy of children and teachers!  Besides being unyielding when it comes to serving THE highest power and supporting family and friends, there is little that is more valuable to me than those we serve in the education field.  Simply, I treasure all that we stand for in education and my greatest admiration belongs to teachers and other educators that work so hard for the betterment of children and adult lives. 

In 2007 I completed my Ph.D. in Educational Administration with a specialization in School Business Administration, and my dissertation and subsequent book synthesized the essential elements of beginning teacher induction and mentor program models across the United States and Canada. My scholarly work led to me being honored as the 2007-2008 Outstanding Doctoral Student in Arizona awarded by Arizona School Administrators Association.  The rest of my accolades belong to the hard-working teachers and children I have been so blessed to work alongside and lead during my career.

From school-sites to district offices to university classrooms to graduation stages at all levels, as an educational leader, teacher, and professor I have been so fortunate to witness the incredible and often miraculous, life-changing work that is accomplished by educators in the lives of students, families, and communities. We owe it to Arizona’s children, families, and educators to elect a Superintendent who is not politically self-righteous and blinded by the quote-unquote power of the elected position, but clearly understands the role of the state Superintendent is to be an administrator and advocate for the good of Arizona's education system, children, and educators. 


Although the lines have certainly been blurred at times by the current and some previous state Superintendents, creating policy is not within the Superintendent's Constitutional powers and only impedes progress.  Policy is a task for our elected lawmakers to tackle.  However, our education system is at a crossroads and it is more important than ever to elect a knowledgeable leader who can gain the respect of, and build coalitions across party lines with, our state legislators and Governor.  Supporting these elected officials by collaboratively synthesizing knowledge that informs policy design in the Arizona Senate and House is the key to leading the systemic change that is imperative to our system and state’s current and future success.  We CAN accomplish the requisite change, while remaining fiscally responsible if a diplomatic, experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate leader is elected.  I am that leader!  Regardless of your political party affiliation, I hope to earn your vote come election time.  Thank you!

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