To sum it up, my political and career platforms are centric to serving

others and always doing what is best for kids and teachers.  Arizona does

not need a career politician who is only interested in using the office of  

Superintendent of Public Instruction as a stepping stone for their next 

political venture.  We desperately need an experienced, passionate

educational leader without concern for political approval and gains.  Make

no mistake, I am proud to be an Arizona educator!  I am also a conservative

Republican and native Arizonan, born and raised in Phoenix and now live in the Verrado community in Buckeye. It has been my calling and pleasure to serve the children, families, teachers, and adult learners of Arizona for nearly 25 years in K-12 and higher education. I have been fortunate to serve as an educational leader and teacher in several public elementary school districts; baseball coach at a private Christian high school; and I have served two of our Arizona university teachers colleges in the roles of director, associate professor, and faculty member. I earned a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with a specialization in School Business Administration from Capella University; a post-graduate certificate from ASU's Learner Centered Leadership Program; a Master of Education Degree from NAU ; and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ottawa University, both in Elementary Education. It would be my distinct honor to continue to serve our children, families, school faculties, educational leaders, and our AZ Department of Education as our Superintendent of Public Instruction.



I have made no firm decisions regarding issues I plan to run on thus far. Below are a few of the questions I have been asked on the campaign trail:
Question: What are your views on sex education to children ... what age is sex education important and what level of sex education does the public school need to provide to our children?  
Response: I supported the House Bill that was sent to Governor Ducey recently and I wrote a letter to him asking him for his support of the bill, thus giving parents the Opt-in power and right to preview any Sex Education curriculum that a school or district would be using. I believe that parents should be given the right to choose when their children should be exposed, and to what degree, to sex education topics. My personal opinion is that young children (primary age) should be taught about inappropriate touching/being touched. With parent consent, I am not opposed to middle school students learning about the basics of reproductive organs/reproduction and gender respect/equality. High School seems more appropriate for a deeper look into sexual education. All of this should be at the consent and curriculum knowledge of parents.
Question: What are your views on indoctrinating our children on transgender issues ... what age should children be able to even recognize and understand transgender decisions?  
Response: I am an advocate and model of respecting, loving, and caring for all human beings, despite our differences. However, I do not support a deep dive into divergent sexual education topics, e.g., indoctrinating our children on transgender issues. This is a value that I believe needs to be discussed in the home, where parents can decide when and what needs to be shared, as well as the values placed on those topics.
Question: What is your stance on allowing the decision of having our children wearing masks be up to the parents and not the school?  COVID-19 is not an issue with children and having to force children to wear masks all day while in class and while doing sports-related activities poses additional health issues.  
Response: Sadly, my wife who is a Special Education Autism Teacher and I have both experienced COVID-related deaths in the educational workplace. These are the sad realities that make it very difficult for educational leaders and Governing Boards who are charged with this decision-making to fully remove the mask mandate. I am excited for life to be back to normal and children and teachers to not be wearing masks. If I had the authority to do so, I would encourage all districts to do what several are doing in the Phoenix and Mesa areas....experiment and collect data.  For example, kids are allowed to take their masks off outside and play. When they are in an enclosed classroom, the masks go back on. If there aren't issues with not wearing masks on playgrounds, then those districts plan to make decisions for enclosed classrooms. Although there was an Executive Order in Arizona, Pandemic-related decisions are locally decided (decided at the District level based on what is thought to be best for that District). Regarding sports, my son is a college baseball player in Pennsylvania. The players are consistently monitored for COVID. Games are cancelled if any of the players have it. No masks are worn during games. I support this practice in high school sports. Test student athletes- No Masks- Play ball!
Question: How important is it to you that we bring both the Arizona Constitution and US Constitution and History classes back to our public schools and teach our children the Pledge of Allegiance?  
Response: You're asking the right person this question as I was once a history and government teacher!!! :)  I believe it is absolutely critical to teach citizenship, character, and all Social Studies from primary through high school grades. One of the issues with our failing society is due to the ignorance of the values, history, and political structures of our beloved country. People are still hungry for information, and it is so easy to obtain immediate information in this day and age. We hear too much from those who hate America and Americans, from those who want to cancel American history, and less from people who can teach about the history and cornerstones of our great Nation.

**Note: The political viewpoints contained in this website do not represent my employer or any educational entity in which I serve.